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Product List

I-NOx® Integrated NOx
Reduction System
Low NOx Burners
Over-Fire Air Systems
SNCR Systems - NOxOUT®
ASCR™ Advanced SCR
SCR Systems - Industrial
Static Mixers
GSG™ Graduated Straightening
Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG)
XCAM™ Extractive Continuous
Ammonia Monitor
Flue Gas Conditioning
Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
SCR Services
Urea Reagent

Fuel Tech®

Fuel Tech is a leading technology company engaged in the worldwide development, commercialization and application of state-of-the-art proprietary technologies for air pollution control, process optimization, combustion efficiency, and advanced engineering services. These technologies enable customers to operate efficiently in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.