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Hoffman™ and Lamson™ brands of centrifugal blowers and exhausters are among the many compressed air and gas technologies manufactured by Gardner Denver Inc. Part of the Nash Division. Hoffman™ and Lamson™ brands have been setting industry standards for excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction for over 100 years.

The range of applications for Hoffman™ and Lamson™ centrifugal products is ever-expanding and is firmly illustrated with the largest installed base of centrifugal machines in operation worldwide. Applications include ; water and wastewater aeration systems, air scouring/filter backwashing, coarse/fine bubble diffuser systems, reactor batch supplemental air, digester gas boosters, grit channels and sludge digestion applications, sulfur recovery, combustion air, process gas boosting, coal mine venting, fluidized bed combustion systems, vapor and gas extraction, composting, sludge incineration, etc.

Hoffman™ and Lamson™ Engineered Vacuum Systems are used to pick up, convey and capture a myriad of materials ranging from aluminum granules to corn flakes.