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H. Clay Moore and Associates Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative company that has been serving the Southeast since 1898. Our customers include electric utilities, pulp and paper mills, municipal wastewater treatment plants, and general industry. We strive to satisfy our customers by providing customer service and technical support that exceeds their expectations and to develop long-term relationships that benefit our customers and manufacturers.


June 17th – Henry Clay Moore is born in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. Named for Kentucky Senator Henry Clay (1777 to 1852).


H. Clay Moore, along with his wife, relocated from Mechanicsburg, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of prospering from the developing textile industry in the Southeastern United States. He first started representing the Alphonse Custodis Chimney Construction Company, and then later added Green Fuel Economizer, Riley Stoker and Buell Engineering.


October 13th – Henry Clay Moore II is born in Atlanta, Georgia.
H. Clay Moore is shown on the 1900 Federal Census as a Manager of Furnace Company.


H. Clay Moore is shown on the 1910 Federal Census as a Salesman Boiler Company.


H. Clay Moore II joined his father in the sales representative firm.


January 5th – the Moores started representing B.F. Sturtevant Company. The B.F. Sturtevant Company is now part of Howden North America, whom we still represent today.


October 11th – Henry Clay Moore III was born in Atlanta, Georgia.


May 5th – H. Clay Moore passes away in Atlanta, Georgia.


H. Clay Moore III joins the company after leaving the Air Force.


1959 H. Clay Moore II retired and H. Clay Moore III took over the business.


January 13th – The business was incorporated, and the name H. Clay Moore & Associates Inc. was adopted.


Began representing Dollinger.


David W. Wakefied, Shelley Fain, Arthur M. Clark, H. Clay Moore III, Forest Leedy, Judy Bolton, Pam MaGahee, Jim Woods, J. William Morse, Karen Bossen, A.J. Kroog


Max Harper, Ann Martin, Jackie Rice, Larry Delarm, Alan Coates, Stacey Seals, Bottom row: Jim Woods, H. Clay Moore III, Shelly Fain


Rick Hach, Ray Woods, Jack Pitt, Larry Delarm, Mike Konopka, Beth Jackson, Jackie Rice, Nancy Manning, Gail Pafford

Relocated company headquarters to 8215 Roswell Road, Building 700, Atlanta, GA.


November 21st – H. Clay Moore II passes away in Atlanta, Georgia.


H. Clay Moore III retired, and James Woods took ownership.

Began Representing Allen Sherman Hoff.


Began representing Diamond Power International Inc.


H. Clay Moore & Associates Inc. celebrates 100 years in business.


Clay Milner, Nancy Manning, Dirk Servine, Rick Hach, Marc Deane, Jim Woods; Front group: Cathy Daniel, Diana Bowers, Robert Sexton, Floyd Harris, Ray Woods


Began representing the Coppus.
James Woods retired, and Rick Hach took ownership.


Sam Harman, Robert Sexton, Ray Woods, Floyd Harris, Rick Hach, Gary Muth, Diana Bowers, Nancy Manning; Front row, Left to Right: Clay Milner, Dirk Servine, Linda Bendell, Krista Paseur Wilhite, Marc Deane


Chris Carr, Barbara Wallace, Gary Muth, Sam Harman, Floyd Harris, Rick Hach, Clay Milner, Nancy Manning, Mandy Hart, Dirk Servine, Diana Bowers, Mel Griffin, Krista Paseur Wilhite, Todd Hunt


February 21st, H. Clay Moore III passes away.


  • Sam Harman assumes ownership.
  • Began representing Fuel Tech.
  • Began representing LAPCO.
  • Began representing Howden American Fan.


  • Began representing Ecodyne/Graver (now known as Marmon Industrial Water)
  • After 31 years at H. Clay Moore & Associates, Rick Hach retires from a very successful career.


  • After 25 years at H. Clay Moore & Associates, Floyd Harris retires from a very successful career.


  • Began representing Evoqua for Traveling Water Screens and Service
  • Began representing VOITH


  • Began representing Lone Star Blower


  • Began representing Ecodyne Heat Exchanger (Now Marmon Industrial Water)
  • Began representing Bachmann Industries, Inc.


  • Began representing Nooter Eriksen
  • Began representing Siemens Energy
  • Began representing Morrow Repair Service
  • Clay Milner celebrates 25 years with HCMA.


  • Began representing Aumund.
  • Chris Carr assumes ownership.
  • Sam Harman retires.
  • After 37 years the company headquarters is relocated from Sandy Springs to Alpharetta, GA.


  • Dirk Servine celebrates 30 years with HCMA.
  • Began Representing SPG Dry Cooling.
  • Howden was purchased by Chart Industries and divested American Fan.  HCMA then began representing American Fan independently.