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Evoqua designs and manufactures traveling water screens, stationary water screens, screen housings, grab rakes and bar racks for large, raw water intake systems. Intake traveling water screens are used in the power industry and other industries that utilize large volumes of raw water that must be cleaned - or screened - before entering the power plant or other type of facility. Cleaning the water for this purpose means screening out any debris such as algae, sticks, leaves, litter and aquatic life such as fish. Evoqua designs intake traveling water screens to be fish-friendly. This means fish and other life forms are not impinged in the screen and are released back into their natural habitat. Impingement - the occasion for a fish or other aquatic life to be trapped on the traveling water screen - is avoided by using Evoqua intake equipment. Evoqua has several aquatic-friendly screening products that save fish, even larvae-size. Intake traveling water screens come in many types. Each type of traveling water screen provides a different screening process.